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Latest news

People Rise Up! A Community Invitation to Action

by pjals Thursday, Jan 19, 2017 | 12:12pm | Comment on this

People Rise Up! A Community Invitation to Action

Saturday, Jan 21, 2pm – 5pm Community Building, 35 W. Main

Save the date & invite your friends! Peace & Justice Action League of Spokane and our partners are organizing our grassroots power action festival to say from day 1: We are paying attention, we are reaching out, we are mobilizing, we are turning up the heat! We believe in peace, human rights, respect & equality, racial justice, gender justice, economic justice — for ALL. And we’re not backing down, we’re surging up from our roots!

We feel the WHY of our commitment to take action — Come sharpen your skills for the WHAT and the HOW!

This FREE family-friendly, kid-welcoming event will feature:

* Soup & Bread Potluck! – come plug in your crock pot before the Women’s March if you want! Or just come eat! If you would like to contribute to the potluck, please contact Dena at dbrill@pjals.org.

* Creative Activities for all ages! Bring your left brain!

* Action Bar with postcards, petitions, and more!

* Tips for Action – Experienced activist and leaders will share guidelines for effectiveness in actions like calling elected officials, difficult conversations, assertiveness and setting boundaries, bystander intervention, public speaking, recruiting & motivating others, planning collective actions, and lots more so we can all work at the edges of our comfort zones.

* What kind of Changemaker are you? How to find your role and play it with your strengths!

* Poetry, music, and speakers!

Volunteers needed! Sign up here.


2017 Peace & Justice Action Conference

by pjals Thursday, Jan 5, 2017 | 3:15pm | Comment on this

Register now for our 8th Annual Peace and Justice Action Conference on February 24-25, 2017 Once again we will be at the Unitarian Universalist Church, 4340 W. Ft. George Wright Dr., Spokane, WA.

Register NOW here!

Accepting workshop proposals through Jan. 20th here.

Rave reviews about our Action Conference:

“Great variety of programs and the opportunity to meet new people!”

“It gave me inspiration and hope.”

“Surrounded by the energy of like minded people, rare in Spokane!”

“Open discussions, amazing positive energy, and equality.”

“I met amazing people and the mingle times were so productive and interesting. The energy at this conference and the reception was amazing. Wow! It is hard to feel hopeless about America’s current state when getting together to make a change like this.”

“Idealistic but practical. Motivating, energizing.”

We want YOU to join in this year!

Early Bird Registration Opens January 6th

Enjoy Early Bird Registration Rates – through February 10th, add $5 after February 10th:

  •  $40 General Public
  •  $30 members of PJALS and co-sponsoring groups
  •  $15 Living Lightly (self-identified low-income, students, seniors, etc)
  •   Limited “workshare volunteer scholarships” are available—please contact Dena at dbrill@pjals.org for info. Two-hour workshare shifts include set-up, registration table, resource table, clean-up, etc.

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Thank you! Happy New Year!

by pjals Sunday, Jan 1, 2017 | 1:13pm | Comment on this

Update: Thanks to all who donated — gifts ranging from $10 to $2500 — we have surpassed our matching challenge! Thank you! 

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from the Steering Committee and staff of PJALS!

We’re so grateful for all the wonderful members, supporters, volunteers, leaders, sponsors, donors, and partners who are part of our PJALS community.

Year-End Matching Challenge: Every Dollar You Give Matched!

by fitz Tuesday, Dec 13, 2016 | 4:16pm | Comment on this

We need your help with our year-end matching challenge from long time member Jim Sheehan and our Steering Committee! Every dollar you give by December 31 will be matched up to $5410 – so please give today! I encourage you in this moment to dig deep for our year-end drive. We need resources to grow this movement. Whether digging deep means $20 or $250, I hope you see your gift as an investment in our collective survival.



I want to share my own story as one of your newest Steering Committee members. My name is Fitz. In the wake of the election you, like me, may have found yourself in an initial state of shock, anger and maybe even fear. In my opinion we are facing the most contentious political moment since 9/11 and certainly the most panic-inducing president-elect for those of us engaged and awake to the plight of oppressed populations. When I found out I would be living in a country where Donald Trump — a man who has expressed sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic and xenophobic views — would be president, I almost refused to believe it. As a queer and trans person living in Eastern Washington, I am used to feeling like an outsider but this was a whole other ball game. I awoke to panicked messages from my parents and other loved ones who were actively fearing for my life in light of the impending administration.

PJALS had already planned an election debrief event no matter the results. I didn’t have to ask where to go or what to do and I had an answer for other folks who were similarly at a loss. My own fear was replaced with a sense of responsibility as a new Steering Committee member. That day I got on Facebook and amidst the rubble of status updates that spurted feelings of hopelessness, helplessness and even hate, I saw glimmers of light from PJALS Director Liz Moore and my fellow Steering Committee member, Taylor Weech. What they each said boiled down to the following: Agitate. Educate. Organize.

Over two hundred people turned out to our election debrief meeting and renewed my faith in humanity. For most people there, showing up to share their frustration was their first act of activism, in their entire lives. I spoke to numerous white folks who were finally admitting to themselves that racism was alive and more monstrous than ever. People were on fire!

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In treacherous political times, we are powerful when we organize together

by pjals Tuesday, Dec 13, 2016 | 1:13pm | Comment on this

Because of the commitment of PJALS members like you, we will stand together steadfast to resist Trump’s extremist agenda and build our movement for peace, equity, and justice. Will you make a special donation to PJALS to help us prepare for the critical fights ahead in 2017? 

Every gift matters!

Transforming the post-election groundswell into lasting and vigorous people power requires  grassroots leadership development and organizing our intergenerational movement. We’re ready to build on our strengths and surge from our roots!

40 years for peace & justice: Everyday people building a just and nonviolent world!

Our Priorities for 2016-2017

  1. A Just Society: Smart Justice and Police Accountability
  2. Peace: Truth in Recruitment, Consciousness-Raising about Militarism, and Mobilizing against War!
  3. Human Rights Community Organizing: Building collective power with targeted communities, for LGBT equality, religious freedom, and immigrant rights.

Supporting youth as leaders in our intergenerational movement:

Young Activist Leaders Program offers passionate youth leaders ways to deepen their analysis, sharpen their skills, and strengthen their own youth-led organizations and to strengthen intergenerational organizing within PJALS. Five YALPistas now lead PJALS as Steering Committee members!

Organizing with an intersectional racial equity lens:

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After the Election: Coming Together, Gathering Hope

by pjals Friday, Nov 11, 2016 | 10:10am | Comment on this
We’re still here, we’re still together, we are still who we are. We see each other, we care about each other. We’re committed to justice and peace; we can fight shoulder to shoulder, AND WE WILL.
2015 GDAMS
Come listen, discuss and work together on how to reboot our energies. The resilience of the peace and justice movement flows from our individual contributions and our progress is driven by our collaboration and collective actions. Whether you are new to grassroots politics or an old hat, let’s meet over food and drink and share our hope and ideas.
Thursday November 17
5:30 – 7:00
Salem Lutheran Church, 1428 W. Broadway
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All welcome, kid activities available. Vegetarian, vegan, carnivorous food provided by PJALS volunteers!
If you want to contribute to our Taco Bar, please email brussell@pjals.org — Thank you!


Another Report on Jessica Campbell’s Workshop Calling Us All In: Race, Class, Gender and Justice

by pjals Thursday, Oct 27, 2016 | 3:15pm | Comment on this

By Ami Manning

I went to the workshop bone-tired. It had been a long, rainy day that began before 7 am and was stretching into the evening. I went for my family, Holden and Indy, two white boys from Idaho, who need to understand privilege and systemic racism. I feel this responsibility deep in my bones. My family is white, working-class poor, the kind of rural family that is losing out to corporate greed and has very few options left. There is despair and decline in the places I grew up. There is xenophobia and racism deep in the places I grew up, long legacies of exclusion and white pioneer worship.

When I was younger I found Anti-Racist Action; it was a confrontational and in your face kind of activism.  There was no room for dialogue; we were right and they were bigots. This year of all years, as I have been confronted daily by my own racist family members and a deluge of facebook hate, I wanted to know better, to understand better and to do better. Read more »

PJALS Voting Party and Potluck

by pjals Wednesday, Oct 19, 2016 | 7:19pm | Comment on this

Between the fatigue of this election cycle and the fallout from the extreme divisions it’s brought to the surface of our social media feeds (and lives!), many of us are ready for it to be over already. But there’s one thing left to do before it can be over, and that’s vote. So let’s gather together to do our research, and make informed decisions–from the bottom of the ballot up. While PJALS can’t endorse candidates, we can share recommendations on initiatives and provide a neutral space for discussion and seeking to understand one another even as we disagree. So come on down! Bring your ballot and friends (and snacks to share if you want!) as we prepare to organize for whatever outcomes the elections bring.

Thursday October 27, 5:30 – 7:15, in the Community Building Lobby, 35 W. Main

Invite your friends on Facebook here. All welcome! Kid activities available!